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Our voter training kiosks are being used to effectively and easily educate voters and poll workers across America. We would like to provide the tools that help your county achieve a successful elections process for both the administrator and the voter.

How our kiosks can help you: (click to watch demo video)

  • In the months before an election, the kiosks act as a voter outreach device, giving voters a consistent message about their county's elections process.
  • The kiosks provide information on the correct procedures for voting at the polls, registering to vote, early voting, provisional voting, absentee voting, poll worker recruitment and the poll hours. 
  • The kiosks can easily be changed from voter outreach units to poll worker training devices in a matter of seconds.
  • The Poll Worker Assistance program provides a comprehensive walk through of the procedures for opening and closing the polls.  This program provides a complete on location visual reference for the Poll Worker.
  • The kiosk program chip can be easily updated and used to run many different programs throughout the year, making our kiosks the most cost-effective solution.

The Voter Training Kiosks are innovative, easy-to-use training tools that educate voters and Poll workers on the important topics they need to know about. These interactive kiosks are portable, easy to update and as simple to use as the touch of a screen.  As an added benefit, our products can help you meet your H.A.V.A. requirements

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Stu Lyle at 419-529-5900 ext. 250 or email us at Sales Department.  We would like to provide the tools that can help your county achieve a successful elections process.