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  • The touch-screen kiosk educates the voter step-by-step on the new voting procedures as well as other important information from the county board of elections office
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Topics programmed in your Voter Training Kiosk include:
  • How to Register to Vote
  • Election Day Voting
  • Early/Absentee Day Voting
  • Provisional Ballot Voting
  • Poll Worker Recruitment
  • Voting Poll Hours
  • Your Voter Rights



The Poll Worker Assistance program provides a comprehensive walk through of the procedures for opening and closing the polls. This program provides a complete on location visual reference for the Poll Worker.
Topics programmed in your Poll worker kiosk include:

  • Attaching and assembling the printer
  • Power up the voting equipment
  • Laptop Instructions
  • Card encoder
  • Closing the polls
  • Voting Procedures for voters

Early Voting

Early Voting Program gives the voters a Step-by-step procedures for the voter on Election Day. The Early Voting program provides a comprehensive walk thru of the Early Voting Procedures while providing a complete visual reference to assist the Poll worker. The early voting chip assists poll workers with long lines at the polls and allows the election officials to give a consistent message to the voters.