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Here's what our clients are saying about us:

Dallas County - "Meisse Productions has more than proven to be a solid, dependable and technologically advanced company. Their Voter Training Kiosks are the most innovative and benificial products available to the elections industry. As the Elections Director of Dallas County, I can speak on behalf of the department and genuinely voice our pleasure with both the products and the company. They have both surpassed our expectations as well as our needs. read more

Stark County - "We received our kiosks and the reception has been great. It is the best educational tool we have ever had."

Fairfield County - “We want you to know that the kiosks Fairfield County Board of Elections purchased from your firm was money well spent. We have had several civic organizations, townships, school districts and libraries utilize the kiosks and had two in use at our County Fair. The response to the touch screen and optical scan voting techniques have been very positive thanks to you and your efforts.”

Medina County - “ I can't say enough about the Meisse Productions kiosks. We have them in libraries and public places. It has really cut down on phone calls to the board office. The seniors are really using them, along with younger voters. The money saved by not sending out our staff has been substantial!! Buy It!! You'll like it!!!

Butler County - “We bought a few touch-screen machines to see how the public would react, now we are planing to get many more. This is exactly what we needed to consistantly educate the people of Butler county”

Montgomery County - “We purchased the Touch-Screen kiosks to educate the voters in our county, We have had excellent results and the public loves them.”

Pike County - “ The voter kiosks have been a blessing for us. While preparing for the election, we don't have time to go all over the county and man a voting station. We can just leave them at a store or business in the area for an extended period. We are having businesses call us and request that we leave them at their location and the voters seem to love them.”